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Native British Cattle Breeds – Part 2

Here we have some more of the Best of British

Welcome to part 2 of native British cattle breeds where we look at some more unique British breeds, each one shaped by the environment they were developed in.

belted galloway

The Belted Galloway

An easily recognised breed of beef cattle originating from the Galloway region of Scotland. It has a striking appearance and can be black, red or dun with a distinctive white belt around their middle.

They are renowned for their ability to thrive in harsh environments due to their thick double coats which provide insulation against cold weather. They are valued for their calm temperaments and ability to graze on rough terrain.

british white cow

The British White

British White cattle are a medium-sized breed with a distinctive white coat and black or red points.

They are known for their docile nature. Historical records suggest they are an ancient breed with a presence in Britain for centuries.

jersey cow

The Jersey

This is a small to medium-sized dairy breed known for its light brown coat in various shades. They are renowned for their rich and creamy milk.

Jerseys have a gentle temperament and are prized by dairy farmers for their efficiency in milk production with a high protein and butterfat and protein content. As a result they can be found on dairy farms all around the world.
They originated on the island of Jersey and have a history dating back centuries.

sussex cow

The Sussex

The Sussex is a heavy-boned, large-shouldered animal that originated in the Weald of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

A very hardy breed they are suited to both hot and cold climates. It was traditionally used as a draught ox and this continued into the twentieth century. It began to be selectively bred for beef production in the late nineteenth century.

ayreshire cow

The Ayreshire

Ayrshire cows are known for their productivity, hardiness, and distinctive appearance. They have a strong medium to large well muscled sturdy body.

They are usually white or cream coloured with patches of red-brown which vary in size, a broad head and large expressive eyes.

They are known for being adaptable to various climates, producing high quality milk and being an easily managed breed. They originated in Ayreshire in the 1800’s.

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