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Latest from the blog

cows eating
Cow Facts

Cow Digestion

I am sure that we have all heard that cows have four stomachs, this is not strictly true. Below you will find out how the cow deals with the tough food it needs to survive and thrive. Cows are ruminants  Cows are herbivorous grazing or browsing Artiodactyls, sounds like a type of dinosaur doesn’t it, belonging…

Cows-Cheers coaster

Whimsical Cow Wine Coasters

Check out our Whimsical Cow Set, where eco-friendliness meets whimsy in every sip! Crafted from sustainable cork and coated with a high gloss finish for durability, our delightful coasters feature a series of charming illustrations depicting cows enjoying their favourite pastime (and mine!), indulging in a glass of wine. Perfect for wine enthusiasts, animal lovers,…