The Fat Cow

About The Fat Cow

Welcome to The Fat Cow! Here you’ll find unique merchandise tailor made for cow enthusiasts, as well as lots of information on… you guessed, cows!

Meet Pam & Jill,
the crazy team behind The Fat Cow

Feeding the cow

Pam & Jill are a couple of misfits with a passion for farm animals and design.

Friends for more years than either of them would care to admit, they first met through their love of animals, when Pam was living in England.

So, why ‘The Fat Cow’?

Pam, tall and slim, was once called a “fat cow”. They both thought it so hilarious that it became a standing joke between them, and so began Pam’s collection of adorable “fat cows”.

When Jill saw that the domain had become available, well, they just had to get it, didn’t they?!

Pam O’Loughlin

Pam’s an Irish country lass, who spent her childhood running around farms and countryside barefoot! While she’s still running around farms, at least she wears wellies now! She provides all the info on cows, and indeed all farm animals and farms. She also looks after the social media side and a few other bits and pieces for the website.

Jill Terry

Jill was born and bred in London, but was lucky enough to move to the country as a young teenager. She’s the techy type who, when she’s not with animals, is at her computer writing and drawing about them! She loves to write the code behind the website, and come up with new and fabulous designs to put on their products.

Where Animals and Art Collide in Unique Designs

Pam & Jill both felt that farm animals were getting raw end of the deal, and being left out. Not many really understood them, or even like them, and there really wasn’t much about in the way of gifts and collectibles for those who are passionate, like Pam and Jill, about farm animals.

Thus The Fat Cow was born. Pam and Jill love what they do, and they both believe in good products and excellent service, and this is where they come in. They’re proud to share and spread their information, and proud of their designs, products and service. Every customer is important to them.

The Fat Cow will spread their passion, and the word on the wonder of farm animals everywhere.

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